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Stillness I am

Stillness I Am is a book about the use of one's own inner power. Book will be published by Basam Books in the fall of 2021 in Finnish and under the title Rauha Elämän hyvinvoinnin parantaja

“The most confusing thing is that everything is fine. Though, it looks like the world is crashing and ground under my feet has been taken away again. My next work project cancelled itself before it started for a completely absurd reason. I don't know what I'm going to do now. I have no idea how to make money from next week on. And yet. And maybe that's why. I'm feeling a complete inner stillness of peace. It is truly wonderful to be alive.  My heart is at complete peace. My intestines are asymptomatic. My mind does not create any worries or threats. No pains or aches. There is no visible reason for this sense of peace, no worldly basis, and yet I am Stillness. It would be understandable to panic and be in pain right now. But Stillness I am. ” This is how I responded to a friend who asked about a new work project a few years ago. One really life-turning-around-success project had suddenly collapsed for a completely strange reason and I was confused about how an imaginative cause had overturned a good plan and how perfectly good I was, even though I was once again with an empty calender.

This has not always been the case. I have been worried and scared, falling for the World sorrows and seriously ill. That moment, for the first time, proved that my confidence in life would no longer be shattered by adversity. From that realization began such a strong internal process that I want to write a story about finding a sense of inner peace, stillness of being, into a book called Stillness I am - because I sincerely hope everyone else finds peace within them as well.

According to my passport, I am now 45 years old. The number of years tells me that I have had time to experience all sorts of things, even though age as a number doesn’t seem important. On the pages of the book, I share mood pieces from the path of emotions I traveled, to which the starting positions were given by perpetual stomach pain and daily headaches that culminated in a migraine and a bowel disease that imprisoned me inside a toilet. The emotional memories brought by the moments experienced with the suicidal alcoholic father, my own inner limiting beliefs, the struggle of my own child's between life and death, me being the first in my born family to gain a well-paid career in medicine and mega brand businesses. I started from nothing so many times that committing to anything was no longer possible. I was a surviver of any given disaster. And yet, it was my determined commitment to life that healed me. My story also includes experiencing people’s deception and denying and admitting to seeing “invisible” helpers. The Law of Life says that of all healing 90% must be working with emotions. That’s what this book and my healing story are about. Book about a life that is meant to be felt.

In my previous books "How to fix a human" (Kehon korjausopas 2018), I told a part of my healing story, focusing in how I keep myself healthy after recovering from severe intestinal symptoms. "The Relevant Self" (Merkityksellinen minä 2019) with Marika Sarha defined what I am to me, to others, and how I can respond to the world’s hustle and bustle. In this coming book of Stillness I am, I open up the “truth” of how I revived myself to life, even though a doctor in 2010 said, “You can’t be healed. With these medicines, you can only relieve your symptoms. ” and how in it at the same time I made Stillness the basic state of my heart.

Please allow me to share my story… though

I can't heal you because you're not broken. I can’t be your teacher because I know less about you than you do.
I cannot be your guru because I am no more than you are.
I cannot be more holy because we are both holy souls experiencing this worldly life as a human being.
We stand on the same land
We share the same opportunities
We have our own life paths

We are not meant to be alone
We are meant to find each other
We are meant to be one
We are meant to grow together, learn together, inspire each other, share our experiences, feelings, insights, listen to each other, see ourselves, seek confidence in ourselves by thinking about trusting each other, empower ourselves to dive deeper in oneself, more honestly, more thoroughly, acknowledging our shadows and bringing wisdom to them.

Together we grow more, faster and more thoroughly than individually. Here I am, I stand as myself by your side, I stand with your  to support you so you can shine brighter.

Something has made you ask, "Was this all there is in life?" and to seek a broader answer to why well-being is only a daydream. Doing what you did in the past has brought you to this state of affairs you are in right now. Therefor, right now, it is mandatory to ask two questions: “How do I feel now” and “What more do I need to know before I change what I do to myself”. In the light of current knowledge, it is not true that even if you lived your whole life full of resentment and anger, it would have no effect on how good your life gets. In terms of well-being, emotions are even more important than the mere fact that being constantly angry and depressed makes it harder to be good and kind.

How I view the World defines me and my welbeing abilities. My worldview includes a body image and everything I consider true about myself - including how well-off or healthy I think you can be. To sort of things you hear and learn about strongly influences what kind of worldview you can define for yourself. It is impossible to incorporate into one’s own truth anything that one is not aware of. I hope Stillness I am connects your previous knowledge in a new way. There is more scientific evidence for the truths and claims of this book than they have been made public. There are more different ways of viewing the World than we ever think we think possible. There is so much to learn. There is yet no scientific validation for everything because science hasn't learnt how to study everything we experience happening. So bare in mind:

Life is meant to be experienced, not proved

Since we live in a physical body, it is important to discuss also about genes, exercise, sleep, recovery and nutrition and all that. For this reason, the Stillness I am book is not only about emotions or solely about nutrition or exercise, recovery, meditation, or some individual aspect of well-being. Stillness I am looks at life's well-being from several perspectives. I encourage you to ask often:

What does this mean for me?

In the answers, you will always find stronger confidence, trust, gratitude, and love for life.

In my own story, I was “healthy” first and suddenly “sick”. I could have stayed “sick” but I didn't. I set out on a quest to find my way back to “healthy”. Step by step I walked towards it and when I got “there” i.e. when I was “healthy” again, I was something quite different from where I had started because my definition of healthy had changed along the way and I had changed in every way beyond imagination. My healing journey really wasn’t just about eating certain foods. Healing was, above all, understanding, connecting the dots of crumbs of knowledge, and testing, living it all in my own body and being. The diversity of the word "root cause" opened up in a broader perspective I could have imagined. Healing required a complete renewal of my worldview and everyday being.

Have you ever wondered about this: "Your mind believes everything you tell it"?

Please let me know if you'd like me to publish this book in English also.


Rauha the Finnish version of Stillness I am at publisher's webshop BasamBooks

Previous books: Kehon korjausopas and Merkityksellinen minä only available in Finnish

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