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Hi, this is my story in gut health recovery and writing the book in brief. I am building a site 3brains.me and translating my book ”How to fix a human” to English in order to present it to publishers outside Finland. In case you know how to help, please contact.

All the best, major hugs to all



How did it all begun?

My granny and grandpa were like my second parents. I spent so much time with them at their ranch- a tiny 10 milking cows farm in a middle of a distant and rural area in North East of Finland. Grandpa was a handyman and grandma took care of the house, animals and kids. She milked the cows by hand (without electrical milking machines), used a wooden churn to turn milk into butter, cooked simple dishes from the few veggies that grew in that climate and men fished or hunted from the wilderness. Fish soup had round potatoes and small fishes with heads and tails in it. Bread was baked from rye without artificial ingredients. No other fertilizers than that from the cows was used. Local grocery shop complained to grandpa for offering too large potatoes. Shop Manager said that customer want to buy a half of a potato. We had semi wild cats living under barn floor that sometimes came indoors but mainly fed themselves with mouses/mise?. One dominant cat, called Miiru, was more fierce than her size in protecting her territory and no dog was allowed to enter the yard during Miiru’s dominance. She lived a life of a tiger. My hero. Nature was present and life was natural.

At my parents house, where milk was pasteurized and homogenized, I had constant stomach ache. I was diagnosed with lactose intolerance when I was 8 years old. Eliminating lactose from my diet did not completely stopped my intestines cramping or bloating, nor it made toilet visits smooth. I had several flues every year and I became allergic to birch, hey, and cat pollen. I had chronic fluctuating stomach ache for 30 some years. I was always skinny, so I thought I was healthy also. I ate like everybody else. I loved pizza, bread, pasta, candy, ice cream (with lactase tablets, and soya bean ice cream and lactose free cow milk ice creams when they came available). I did not think that I should consider my diet by any other measurement than lactose. Thinking back now, I had so gotten used to having symptoms and since everybody in my family had them, I thought it was normal and also my duty to suffer from constant headache, stomach ache, diarrhea, slow gut, gas, restless sleep, pain in chest, heartburn. Isn’t that how life is? I thought that normal health equals getting used to those symptoms that run in your family. 

In 1990s I stayed in doors as much as I could during the pollen weeks. There are four seasons in Finland and in spring after snowy winter nature suddenly blooms and blossoms and all surfaces are covered in pollen for some days/weeks. I could not breath due to pollen. 

In 2003 I took a sales reps job in medicine industry and found a relief to my allergy symptoms. I used everything available on prescription with indication to allergy or asthma and no longer pollen or flue was able to lock me inside. Pollen was not my only dis-ease. Migraine was almost a daily visitor and I used triptans (migraine attack medicine) 15-20 times per month and ibuprofen daily and sleep relaxants couple of times per month for normal headache caused by tension neck. 

Possibly because of all the pain killers and triptans I took, I often dropped my hair brush to the floor while I was combing my hair because I could not control my fingers fully. Despite all this, I drove a car (without accidents) daily. I promoted medicines, why would I resist on using them myself?

I was slimmer than ever. On top of a (more than) full time job I danced rock’n’roll dances often up to 20 hours per week. Once I even took a challenge of jogging 10k in a sport event with colleagues that trained for months for it  and I was not even out of breath after 10k, though I that was my first time running- ever. I looked muscular, as my body fat percent was very low. My face was still covered with acne that had started in my teens. My hair was not thick and I had cut it shorter. All blood tests showed excellent numbers: 9 July 2005 my blood cholesterol was 3,9; HDL 1,62; LDL 1,9; trigly 0,9 and BP was on average 98:65). No one had any reason to worry for my health. Until a few years later when the blind spots that prevented a migraine attack grew so large that I had to turn my head 90 degrees (nose to the side and one ear forward) to be able to see two kids walking one meter ahead of me crossing a road on a zebra side walk. I heard them, I knew there were kids there, but I was unable to see them if I only looked forward towards them. 

My life was loaded with stress, though, my first born child (born in 2006) was already doing fine despite the premature birth and multiple challenges he started with. In turn, my relationship with his father was in a need of rescuing now, and our old home had to be sold, new home found and renovated and at work I had the word Manager in my title. There was plenty to do. On top of all this, I got a prescription to antibiotics on pregnancy week 20 for 26 weeks for the prevention of second premature birth. I managed to continue taking the daily antibiotic for 17 weeks before my body gave up. I started spending the evenings at pregnant ladies clinic begging doctors to force the delivery to start because I could no longer be pregnant. ”Baby is doing fine. Go home”, they told me every evening. ”Yes, she’s fine, and ready to be born, it’s me the mother, who cannot be pregnant anymore, I feel awful” It took 4 evenings to convince them to at least take some blood samples to see how I am.. When doctors saw the gallbladder values they were convinced that I might have some reasons behind the whining.. yet it took until the next day before they agreed to force start the delivery on pregnancy week 39+4. She was born in perfect health in May 2009. But. To maximize my antibiotic misery nurses injected me with a heavy dose of antibiotics that were meant to be given to the lady giving birth in the neighboring delivery room. There were sorry afterwards but the damage to my intestines was done.

I was not doing good. In fact, I had never felt worse in my life. I cried for pain many times every day. I could not stand straight, I could not eat anything without stomach cramps and feeling of intestines tiding knots of themselves. Visits to the toilet were a painful nightmare. I got all possible medical examinations because I was an employee in the medicine business and there was an excellent occupation health insurance. I met several gastro specialist, one cut off my gallbladder even because of stones inside it, before I lost my hope in modern western medicines ability to heal me. In fact, an appreciated gastro specialists said that I cannot be cured. There is nothing else wrong with me except the symptoms I have. I didn’t have cancer, not even a celiac disease. He added that I could ease the symptoms with medicine though. Medicine for epilepsy would smooth the intestinal cramps (I don’t have epilepsy) and an oral corticosteroid would ease the inflammation in the intestinal track. Yes, all I had was symptoms. But the symptoms were that bad that they kept me inprisoned at home / nearby a toilet 24/7. I could not eat anything without crying out for pain soon after and I had to position me to child pose (forehead on the floor, legs bent under stomach, but on heels* picture in the end of the book on page .. ) on the floor because of intestinal track cramps. Poo was burning hot and came out like an explosion from a volcano. I had my then 4 and 1 year olds and a will to live. Kids were fine, and of course I lost the kilos I had gained during pregnancy quickly and without any stress.. But I was not happy. Not at all. 

Now years later I am more than grateful for the moment in October 2010 when I left the prescriptions at the clinic and I left the clinic. I did not buy any of those medicines, just fetched my kids from my Mother in law’s place and went home. I was devastated, stunned, calm and determined. I had never been more sure of anything in my life. The only thought in my head kept saying: ”intestines deal with food so food must have an effect on intestines, this must be possible to cure with food.” And so it was. I changed my diet, I changed my thinking, I changed my career, I changed my attitude to life and nowadays my intestines are doing fine. I am doing better than ever. You can be sure that not everyday was easy, I cried, lost hope, failed and felt miserable so so so many times, but I wanted to live. I wanted to be a mother to my children and I wanted to prove doctors wrong. They said I could not be cured! Just watch me do just that!

Intestines deals with food and thinking. Butterflies in your stomach .. I can’t tolerate this .. I feel your pain .. I get head ache for his actions.. Body and mind.. body-mind.. mind the body or it somatizes your thoughts and feelings. 

I feel fully alive today. From the scale of miserable – bearable – fine – great – fully alive how are you today? Could you feel better? 

What is this How to Fix a Human book about?

When my life long stomach ache got suddenly a lot worse, it forced me to re-think my attitude to food, body and well-being. Will to live forced me to again and again re-invent the possibility to be a mother to my children. This could be a book about my painful rollercoaster journey towards current better health. But this is not that. This book is about today. Life after healing, or life after second healing, to be honest. 2015 I had been enough symptom free for a year and my diet had gone crazy again. I ate and drank whatever whenever and paid no caring attention to myself. And then it happened. Symptoms returned. I had to face it. Partying is ok, if regular days are lived with care and love to oneself. I knew a lot but did not live according to my better knowledge. I had to stop mistreating me. Every single day I make the judgement call on myself. I and only I know what’s best for me and what my body needs. I deside how I treat me, what I eat, how I eat, how I exercise, how I sleep.. I carry the responsibility on me. I cannot blame anybody else for my dis-ease of mal-treatment. I choose and my body reacts to it.

We have to also acknowledge that though nutrition plays a major role for wellbeing it is not the sole actor in re-empowering; reviving one’s life force and will to live.This is why this book tells also about rest, sleep, exercise and attitude. You will not find a quick fix. You will find simple suggestions from which to choose those you feel tempted to try. I offer reasoning, causalities, understanding and trust. Along with comes responsibility. You only can carry the responsilibity on yourself. You and your body are a team. You can be the captain of the team and the life you two live together. I want to offer you food for though and thought of food, and appreciation to your body’s logic and abilities. There is a biological reason behind every suggestion in this book. Your body reacts as it does for a reason, there is logical explanation behind everything. There is framework you can handle and benefit from. One option is better than another for your gut and brains. Life happens in moments. Life is a series of actions, decisions and choices you make. Every decision either works in your favor or against your best. 

Are you ready to accept the challenge of being the captain of your body?

If all is fine in your life, body and mind, you do not need this book. Give it to somebody else and read something more useful to you. If there is something that could be better in your life, body or mind then I welcome you read further.  

I feel oblicated to warn you that my intention is to initiate change. Let’s start with this question:  

Are you, today, making the best choices for your team?

Life happens everyday. Everyday all the time you make choices that either care or tear you. The food you eat, turns into you, physical you, mental you, and it sends the message of are you loving you to you. Food is like construction material that builds you, not just energy giving calories. Human is build of parts (cells) that wear out and must be replaced. Food is like spare parts in a car repair shop. And like with cars in that repair shops, repairing takes time. That means times of non-doing. That’s why you need to rest, sleep and take it easy regularly enough, you need to feel joy, laugh, be hugged to allow repairing. Celebration is needed, and it should be done with a big heart and loving attitude to yourself and life. If you only use, use, use, maximize, benefit, take advantage, you wear off, run out of resources, run out of joy, run out of toleranse to challenges and eventially run out of will to live. What matters is that we do daily.


Who am I to tell 

Please note that I am not a doctor or a nurse. I don’t hold a university diploma for nutrition or bio science. I am a literate adult who was desperate to re-invent well-being in her own life. And I did. I had no idea that I could feel this good! I am honestly feeling better in my body than ever. On my journey to today I found most experts talking from one perspective only, one part of nutrition, one type of sport, one type of mental exercising. I failed to find a holistic approach that would consider nutrition, physical and mental training together with neurology, sleep, grounding, acceptance and also the importance of meaningful goal setting to person’s wellbeing. Maybe this is why so many of us think that it normal to have symptoms, diseases run in the family and common diseases are more and more wide spread every year.

I started studying this field of wellbeing for the obvious and very personal reason. My point of concentration was my very own belly button. This explains why my journey looks illogical to others as I was never looking for degrees or titles or ways to impress anyone but myself. My journey makes perfect sense to me. I was desperate at first, curios all the time and looking for the missing pieces to complete the puzzle in the end. 

It all started with studying Chinese medicine in the Nei jing school. Eons old Chinese logic of balance and harmony gave me my frame work, basic logic, skeleton to the theory of how to fix me /a human. Dosage defines whether something is a poison or a medicine. Nothing is purely evil or good. Balance, equivalence, harmony. Balance guided my seek of body balance. Concept of balance as my guide I studied ayerveda, yoga, pilates, fascia anatomy, biomechanics, reiki, western nutrition (paleo, veganism, low-carps-diet, bodybuilders’ fat burn diets, gluten free, dairy free, sugar free, grain free), clinical studies on the effects of nutrition and physical and mental exercising to neurological and intestinal health, body mind concept, meditation, sleep, recovery, stress.. I’ve been to hundreds of wellbeing groups on social media, read so many books and clinical study reports that I failed to list to them all to the end of this book. I even studied biochemistry in University of Helsinki (evening classes) to gain more abilities to understand language of biology and newtonian and quantum physics.

I did not start from zero knowledge. I had worked 8+ years in medicine industry where it is mandatory to know pharmacology, medicine terminology and logic and to be able to talk medicine with professionals. My master’s studies in business had provided me abilities to conduct pharmacology, spoken doctor language, medicine logic, reading clinical studies and was eager to learn more tools to understand genetics and anatomy. 

I have personally tried more and less of animal protein in my diet. I have eaten and skipped meals. I have fasted and eaten too much at once. I have asked and re-asked, wondered and guestioned. Teaching taught me the most. I had to try to figure it out. 

Thomas Myers and Jarmo Ahonen are my gurus in movement therapy. What a privilege it has been to study somatic pilates and anatomy trains with both of them. José D Figuera Garcis and Hanna-Leena Sabelström and Jordi Ibern guide me in Reiki. I have been a patient to tens of different therapy methods and healers. Without quantum physics or inspiration from mental imaginary tecnicues I would not have found myself or the way out from the deep jungles of massive data. 

The facts represented in this book you will find in many other books, and I recon you take a look at references and continue reading. On top of those listed I have read more, listened to hundreds of hours of webinars and lectures in seminars and had the privilege to discuss with dozens of experts over the years. One always led to another. I did not mark them all down, so the list of references is not comprehensive. LinkedIn will tell you that I have masters degree in economics and 14 years of experience in multinational companies, many of them in medical field. This is why high blood pressure, hig blood cholestherol, asthma, COPD, reflux, ulcer, migrane, pain management, muscle relaxation and its antagonism is no stranger to me from medicine point of view. Neither are clinical studies or verifying their integrity. Despite all this, please bear in mind that I am nothing more than a mother with a strong gut feeling – I have no diploma that proves I know it all.